Business Manager’s Report

Sisters and Brothers,

I wanted to give an update on what is going on between Local 1505 and the Raytheon company over the last few weeks.

We have several departments that are instituting TLO’s due to the continued material shortages that have greatly impacted Raytheon’s workflow. The TLO’s are as follows:

35 – Patriot Ground Assy. C’s
40 – CCM Assy. C’s
6 – Logistics Material C’s
2 – Logistics Material B’s
3 – Material Service B’s
1 – Material A

We are currently still in the early bargaining phase with the company over the future of the Logistics/Incoming department. I do not have anything new to report on this front other than we believe that we found enough room in the Andover plant to move Logistics to so we can keep the work in house and under Local 1505. We have submitted our proposal to the company and I will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

As many of you probably have heard, last year Raytheon moved their headquarters to Arlington Virginia. There have still been workers both company and members of Local 1505 working in the Waltham facility. We have been told that they will be closing the doors to the Waltham building in the coming months. The closing of this building will displace approximately 25 members of Local 1505, but all 25 will be absorbed into different locations.

We have finished going back over all the layoff paperwork from March and have submitted a grievance for what we believe to be 57 members processed incorrectly. The company is now reviewing the paperwork and I will keep everyone updated as we move along the grievance process.

I’d like to thank the Building Corp. for all their hard work over the last few months. They have done a great job on our building inside and out giving us a union hall we can be proud of. Also, a special thanks to Local 1505 electricians Chris Ellis and Phil Mahoney for getting our Local 1505 sign working again.

Finally, I would like to thank the Merrimack Valley Central Labor Council (MVCLC) and Massachusetts state Auditor Diana DiZoglio for recognizing Local 1505 for our hard work in the Merrimack Valley at yesterday morning’s annual legislative breakfast. It was an honor to receive and be recognized in front of so many different labor leaders and politicians from around the state of Massachusetts. Being given an award like this really brings into focus what unions mean to many families not just in Massachusetts but all around the United States.