Business Manager’s Report- Pay Issues (RFC)

Sisters and Brothers,                                                                                                                                          

The issues with payroll are continuing and are an embarrassment to the Company and how they operate their business. We once again have issues with agreements on pay we planned for in a timely manner.  As you know we came to an agreement for the 5th shift in RFC. With this agreement came a new schedule for all 5 shifts. Part of this agreement states that those on a 36-hour work week would receive a 11.12% premium resulting in getting paid for a full 40 hours for time worked. We worked with the Company to delay the implementation of the new shifts to properly prepare for the change in every aspect, including working with payroll to make sure the new rates and premiums were done in a timely manner. Weeks ago, this was done and confirmed from payroll that checks dated June 30, 2022, would reflect the new rate including the premium. This obviously did not happen. Once again, the changes done by the new Raytheon Technologies shows the incompetence and carelessness with one of the most important things to its employees and our members- their pay.

Years ago, we had a payroll department right here in Andover, that ended and was moved to Texas but still within Raytheon and under its control. Now after this so-called merger, we are forced into what United Technologies has been doing for payroll which is vend it out to an unreliable and incompetent 3rd party. This leaves little to no control over issues and timeliness to make corrections when something does go wrong.  As we have seen week after week since the beginning of this year and there continues to be pay issues that seem to be never ending and take far too long to get remedied. Never have we seen or had the amount of payroll and pay issues as we do now.

After a long day of calls and meetings with management, labor relations and this outside payroll company it is clear the issue resides with payroll. After hours of pressure, the payroll company stated that would work over the weekend to rerun the last pay period for all those on the 36-hour shift. They will then take the difference in pay from what the pay should have been and what was paid and direct deposit that into those members bank accounts by Tuesday the 5th.

With July’s $2 automatic wage progression for all those not at the top of the rate going into effect, I would not be surprised if payroll also does not get that correct. I will ask all members that if you have an issue with your pay to notify your supervisor of the issue and immediately get your steward involved to make the Union aware so that we can track and help remedy these issues as fast as possible. I know I have said it previously, this is not the Raytheon we once knew. This Company does not care if your check is right or not or if your check is missing hundreds of dollars. This is an embarrassment for a multibillion-dollar company to not be able to keep a third-party payroll company accountable for paying the hard-working members of 1505 what they earned, making this company billions of dollars year after year.

In Solidarity,

Micael Zagami
Business Manager