December 2021 Newsletter

Sisters and Brothers,

Here is the latest information regarding the federal Covid-19 vaccination mandate and the ensuing court actions of recent days. A federal judge in Georgia has blocked the Biden administration from enforcing its vaccine mandate for Federal contractors. This means that we must await the RTX company‚Äôs decision as to whether they will institute rules of their own. Union leadership is meeting with the company to discuss the changes and get a decision communicated to you all as soon as possible.

Many of you have been asking about the Holiday Gift Cards we traditionally receive this time of year. Last year we all received $100 gift cards from RTX.  And while we feel you deserve more than $100, we were pleased this was an increase over the previous 25 years.  This year the company is once again offering you only $50!  We find this backwards movement insulting.  While your hard work kept this company flush with income during the pandemic, other divisions faltered. And now RTX wants to reduce the value of the cards by HALF!  Cell leaders at the lowest level get a minimum $250 and the people above this level clearly get larger sums at the holiday break.  This is indicative of how much RTX takes our hard work for granted.

We approached other Massachusetts unions here in Missile Systems in an attempt to present a unified front in our battle to get you a more appropriate gift.  We are grateful and pleased the IAM is showing solidarity with us. However, we are extremely disappointed with the Executive Board of the Guards Union going ahead and accepting the lowball offer from RTX.  We believe we ALL deserve better from the RTX company.  We hope to prevail in this fight for a more appropriate gift. If we are not successful, perhaps, with better solidarity from ALL the unions, we can get everyone what you truly deserve next year.

In September we completed an intense 7 months long contract negotiation with RTX. Our contract is an intricate document which needs to be thoroughly inspected and vetted before printing and distribution to you. Historically we have had our contract vetted, printed, and distributed within 6-9 months of ratification.  Our CBA is even more complex this year due to the changes which will make it easier for everyone to navigate and understand.

Both parties have completed proof reading the CBA.  It has now been sent to our lawyers for a complete examination to assure the contract is complete and correct.  Once this process is complete it will be sent out for printing.  We are on schedule to have this process complete within the 75-year historical timeframe.  In the meantime, we remain highly committed to answer and explain all inquiries from you as to the content of this CBA.

In closing let me sincerely wish each and every one of you a happy and blessed holiday season.

Yours in Solidarity,

Michael Zagami
IBEW Local 1505
Business Manager