November Newsletter

Business Manager’s Report

Vaccination Deadline Moved

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

        The Federal COVID vaccination mandate deadline of December 8 has been moved to January 4, 2021.  Hence, the new deadline for full vaccination status of all employees will also be January 4th.  We are still working through the details of this with the company and expect more details will be available soon.

Facilities Travel Time Agreement

        Your local Union has been dutifully fighting a grievance against RTX for over a year now.  One that involved the payment of “Travel Time” to our facilities folks who travel from plant to plant.  The company was adamant in its attempt to deny pay for the time these members spend on the road.  This is the new RTX at work.  They will be looking for every opportunity to take away payments and benefits we have worked under for many years.  Don’t be fooled into thinking they are looking out for your best interests. They are only interested in their bottom line.

        We were firm in the battle to assure our membership will be paid for time spent travelling to, from, and between facilities.  And WE WON!  Last Thursday, disbursements started going out to those harmed.  Payments totaling OVER $55,000 will go to the folks who should have received pay for Travel Time!  Some individuals received up to $8,000, $9,000, $10,000, and even $17,000! This settlement assures our members will be properly paid for time spent on the road in completion of their work assignments.  It also assures a plan so our members will be paid properly going forward.

        To the members involved in this fight, thank you for your patience, and for your understanding, throughout these months. While your leadership team worked persistently on this settlement, it was your solidarity and strength which helped make this a reality.

In Solidarity,

Michael Zagami
Business Manager
IBEW Local 1505

Assistant Business Manager’s Report

Hello Brothers and Sisters of IBEW Local 1505,

        The nurse’s strike at Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester is now the longest strike in the history of Massachusetts! Our sisters and brothers of the Mass Nurses Association need our continuing support.  

        Local 1505 members have walked the strike line with the nurses, and we have donated money to the cause.  Our latest event was to hold a food drive where approximately 1500 pounds of goods were collected and brought to our union brothers and sisters in Worcester on October 23rd.  Thank you all!

         Sadly, our brother Mike Parrington lost his wife unexpectedly to illness. Mike and his wife have 4 children.  Business Manager Mike Zagami, Assistant Business Manager John Bruno, and I went to see Mike and his kids to express our condolences and to assure them we would support them as best we can.  Local 1505 came to their aid with donations of food and gift cards.  Thanks to all of you who so generously donated and a special thank you to Kathy Cox, Laurie Shanahan, Marie Monroe, Michelle Savastano, Angela Vachon, and Joe Girouard for their efforts raising monies for the Parrington family.

In Solidarity,

John Bruno
Asst. Business Manager
IBEW Local 1505

Local 1505 members who volunteered to collect the food donations at the Local 1505 offices in Woburn
Business Manager Mike Zagami with Ryan Berard of the Nurses Union