October 2022 Newsletter

Business Manager’s Report

As we make our way towards the end of the year, I want to give you an update of what has been happening with Local 1505 and Raytheon. We are just about a week away from the mid-term elections and there are a lot of important races here in Massachusetts. I urge all members of Local 1505 to visit https://massaflcio.org/political-issues-endorsements for a list of all the Massachusetts AFL-CIO endorsed candidates. These races are incredibly important to our business here in Massachusetts and we need leaders who understand and value what it means to be in the labor movement. I also want to wish our friend Lori Trahan the best of luck in her re-election campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives 3rd congressional district. Lori is a true friend of labor and her tireless work for our Local is greatly appreciated. Whenever we need anything, she is always there to help us, and that kind of friendship is invaluable in our business. If you would like to hold signs on election day, please see your steward to find out how you can help.
I want to wish all our veterans a very happy Veterans Day. If you have not self declared yourself as a veteran in the EmpowerU system, please make sure you do that as this is how you get the day off paid. If you need any help, please see our benefits counselor Kianni in person or contact her at 978-470-6029. We worked very hard to get that at negotiations and I don’t want to see anybody left out.
We are still having members getting into trouble for altering their timecard. DO NOT make any changes to your timecard unless you know that it is correct and ethical. Raytheon has a zero-tolerance policy on mischarging, and it is extremely difficult to get any member back to work after they have been caught.
I want to welcome Amy Xavier on board as the new recording secretary for Local 1505. Amy is taking over for Kellie Demarkis who has been our recording secretary for almost 6 years. I want to thank Kellie for all her hard work and welcome Amy aboard.
Finally, I want to wish all 80 of our members who took the ‘special VLO’ and are leaving on the 28th of October (some after 50 years!) a very happy retirement. Thank you for all the years of solidarity to Local 1505 and I hope you all enjoy your retirement; you’ve earned it.

In Solidarity,

Michael Zagami
Business Manager / Financial Secretary
IBEW Local 1505

President’s Report

Sisters and brothers,

Election Day is right around the corner on Tuesday November 8th. I urge all members to get out and vote. It is your right as a citizen to decide who will represent you and your families in the coming years. I know that we all have differing opinions on politics but my biggest concern as your President is to advocate for nominees that put the labor movement first. We can all feel however we want about issues personal to you, but we need politicians that will help keep work in Massachusetts and will be there to advocate for Local 1505. I urge you all to visit http://massaflcio.org/political-issues-endorsements and read up on the nominees that the Massachusetts AFL-CIO have endorsed. As a reminder Massachusetts law requires employers to excuse workers (unpaid) for 2 hours after polls open; so please get out and vote.

I also want to take a moment to thank all the members leaving on VLO. It has been a pleasure to represent all of you and I wish you all a long and healthy retirement.

Your President,

Kevin Legere
Assistant Business Manager / President
IBEW Local 1505


A message from your union safety officers,

It is getting cooler outside as the season is changing, leaves are falling and its starting to get cool enough for possible black ice. Please be cautious getting in and out of your vehicles and when crossing the parking lot and try to utilize the crosswalks. Leaves on wet pavement are just as dangerous as black ice. Please be cautious and take your time.

We are still actively seeking union volunteers to become safety zone specialists. Mike and our negotiating team fought the company very strenuously to get $300.00 stipends that will be paid out at the end of the year if you complete 75% of the safety zone specialists check lists. If you have interest in becoming a safety zone specialist in your area, please reach out to Milly Alvarado at ex. 2-6480 or Matt Rosinski at ex. 2-7293 and we can help you get started.

Just remember we are here to be your voice for safety and to do everything possible to make sure you leave work the same way you arrived.


Milly Alvarado
Safety Officer
IBEW Local 1505


Annual open enrollment is almost here. Please take a few minutes and visit https://rtxhealthyou.com/enrollment/ to make sure you are prepared. Local 1505’s enrollment period will begin on November 7th and go through the 18th.

If you are a veteran please make sure you declare through EmpowerU so you will get paid for the holiday. If you need assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

I also want to take a moment to congratulate all the members leaving on VLO on the 28th. Enjoy your retirement and if you need anything please call me at 978-470-6029.


Kianni Vigeant
Benefits Counselor
IBEW Local 1505

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