RTX System Changes

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

There has been some grumbling, mostly on social media, regarding changes to the systems RTX is now using to process our pay and benefits.  This past September we completed what was, far and away, the most difficult and comprehensive contract in the history of Local 1505. There are difficult growing pains with the new systems RTX implemented and the people who manage them.  Everything from incorrect paychecks, new OT List programs, new systems for access to pay records. While we can negotiate rules and language, these structures used by RTX are entirely out of our control.  These systems have led to much confusion and I hope to address your concerns here.  We are now Raytheon in name only.  The positive working relationship between Local 1505 and Raytheon, developed over many decades, has now been destroyed.

To begin, I implore the membership to stop airing complaints and issues on social media. There is MUCH false and misleading information on these sites.   If you have a concern or a question, please see your Steward or your Chief Steward for assistance.  This is the best way of getting accurate information and proper advice. Also, every month we have a Union meeting so you can come and meet with your leadership to ask questions and get factual and accurate answers.  This is your opportunity to speak with your President, your Business Manager and your Assistant Business Managers.   This can be done openly under “Good of the Union” during the meeting.  Or you can discuss your concerns with us after the meeting if you do not feel comfortable speaking in public.  We stay late specifically for these opportunities to meet with you all.  Please, do not get caught up in the misinformation, false facts, and bad advice spouted on social media.  Come to the meetings and talk with us.  We are here to assist you.

The HSA system is different now.  As I explained at the ratification meeting, the company, per our negotiated agreement, still will allow you to spend the money you contribute each year to your HSA before your contributions are deducted from you to go into your fund.  Under the old system the company put money in the fund in February and you paid the company back each pay period.  The current system allows you to carry a negative balance so you can spend the money you contribute later right now.  Each member received an explanation of this system mailed to your homes with your benefits package last fall. Nothing has changed in the way you can use your HSA card.  The only difference is that you will see a negative balance instead of a positive balance in the statements.  It is important as members to understand Local 1505 is the ONLY union who has this benefit in our contract!  You are the ONLY RTX employees to enjoy this benefit!  Not the Guards, not the IAM, NOBODY!  RTX wanted to eliminate this plan altogether from the CBA.  And we expect them to try to eliminate this benefit in 2024.

There has been more misinformation regarding the printing of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  The contract has now been agreed to by all parties.  So now the printing process begins shortly.  But it must be done carefully.  I have gone into detail many times about the print process in previous newsletters, including the fact that there were more attacks on our contract in 2021 than at any time in the history of Local 1505.   We need to take extra precautions to assure RTX doesn’t misrepresent any of our agreements in the CBA.   Know that our Union historically publishes the contract booklet to the membership approximately 6 to 9 months after ratification.  The 2021 – 2024 contract will be getting to you all in a similar time frame as done previously.  Again please, reach out to your Stewards and Chief Stewards if you have specific contractual questions.

We are working hard to solve the OT List problems.  Obviously, we are not happy with RTX for their incompetence with this new roll-out.  We also understand this is a source of frustration for you all.  We are working to assure no one gets cheated and the OT is distributed fairly.  While you cannot access the OT Lists on-line. You can still see them posted within your respective areas.  If you find a problem, or the list is not posted properly, please notify your Steward.

Payroll problems have been keeping us all busy as we work through too many inaccurate paychecks. We have seen issues with incorrect wage progressions, wrong shift differentials, skewed pay rates, and the lack of PTO, Sick, and Vacation balances on your paycheck.  RTX has truly screwed up here.  We are busting our butts to address each of these problems.  Please, make sure you inspect your paycheck each cycle and verify it as accurate.  If there is a discrepancy, bring it to your Steward so we can address it properly.  This is not an easy process and we have many of these incorrect paychecks.  But together we will get them solved.

Myself and your leadership team are well aware of the problems RTX is creating with their poor planning and ill-timed roll outs of their 2022 programs.  Programs and systems which CLEARLY were not ready for prime time.  We are frustrated as well.  Be confident we are working hard to get through this and correct the troubles RTX is making for you.  Lastly, I cannot stress to you enough to visit your Steward and or Chief Steward for answers to what you are experiencing.  Looking to social media sites for answers will only make the situation worse.  Let’s all get through this and remain strong together.

Yours in Solidarity,

Michael Zagami
IBEW Local 1505
Business Manager