Special VLO Update

Sisters and Brothers,

 Last week Raytheon corporate decided that all past and future legacy retirees were no longer eligible for the supplemental insurance discount from Raytheon Technologies. This would have been a massive burden on our retirees of anywhere between $250 – $500 dollars a month. I am happy to report that after my team and I presented our case to the company, Raytheon corporate has agreed with our position and will continue to cover the extra cost of the supplemental insurance. I cannot stress how important this was for us to get corrected for our senior members of Local 1505 so that they can enjoy a stress-free retirement and for the junior members that would have been laid off if this was not fixed.

Now that the insurance situation has been rectified, the “special VLO” is ready to go forward. There will be a few minor changes after the issues of the last week. The new final day to either sign up or withdraw your VLO form will be Friday October 7th, 2022. The final day worked will also be changed from Friday October 14th to Friday October 28th,2022.  I want to thank the membership for their patience on this matter as we could not allow this burden to take place. I also want to congratulate and wish all the members who signed up a happy retirement and thank you for your solidarity through the years.

In solidarity,

                  Michael Zagami

Business Manager / Financial Secretary

       Local 1505, IBEW, AFL – CIO